WeNR 2021 | Public Report

INR presents WeNR 2021, a public report that is an assessment of the impact of information systems and the sustainable IT maturity of European organisations, based on 75 respondents.

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1.3M of collaborators, 5M of equipments

WeNR 2021 is based on the answers of 75 European organisations, analysing the impact of more than 1.3 million European employees using in total 5 million digital devices. It provides a detailed analysis to support the deployment of the Sustainable IT approach in organisations of all sizes.

Two key numbers

The study reveals that digital footprint of an average European employee represents 265 kg CO2e per year (220 working days). 66 trees would have to be planted per year to offset this.

Manufacturing of office equipment is responsible for 77% of the GHG emissions of organisations participating in the study.

Sustainable IT maturity

Overall, the participating organisations achieved the average Sustainable IT maturity score of 59%. Sustainable IT subject is gaining popularity and is no longer practiced only by a handful of expert organisations, which are already well ahead of the game. Organisations that are less advanced are now also embracing this subject and are seeking to evaluate the footprint of their information systems. It is particularly encouraging to see that the growing trend to deploy Sustainable IT makes the best practices and tools for reducing the social and environmental footprint of IT systems more accessible to a wider range of different organisations.

WeNR 2022

WeNR aims to become the reference tool for supporting the deployment of sustainable IT approaches and reducing the environmental impact of European organisations’ information systems over time. INR is announcing the release of two new versions in 2022: WeNR Light, a summary version to assess the maturity of an organisation in a few minutes, and WeNR Plus, which will provide comparison elements and sustainable IT action paths for participating INR member organisations.

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The infographic

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WeNR 2021 - infography

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